Cosmic Queries – Life on Other Planets with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Aomawa Shields

Cosmic Queries

If scientists discovered that we are not alone, what would they do with that information? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice learn about the search for life, habitability around M stars and more with astrophysics professor and author Aomawa Shields. We explore the work being done after exoplanet discovery, how do we tell if it’s habitable? We go over the main conditions that life needs and some of our Earth biases. How would you modify your search for life around an M star? We break down the letter classifications of stars and what they mean. Could life survive on a planet that is tidally locked in synchronous rotation with its star? We discuss Aomawa’s new book Life on Other Planets, her organization Rising Stargirls, and her interdisciplinary background. How does being a trained actress factor into her life as a scientist? We dive into fan questions: what locations in our solar system are most promising for life? Learn about Europa, Enceladus, and why Aomawa is skeptical about Mars. How do different types of stars impact the planets– and the potential life– around them?

Credit Star Talk

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