Does the Starship Flight Test Hang in the Balance?, The Amazing Stoke Space Hop

Starship Flight Test

Space engineering captivates us with that relentless drive of the unknown. It’s a theatre really! One where triumphs and setbacks unfold on a cosmic stage. Does the Starship Flight Test Hang in the Balance? Are potential delays unacceptable? Diving right into that, along with the Amazing Stoke Space Hopper and OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return! In this week’s exhilarating journey, amazing innovation, and setbacks in the never ending drive to explore. Topics include, SpaceX Starship Updates, Starlink Group 6-17, The Amazing Stoke Space Hop, Rocket Lab Electron Anomaly with the Capella Space “Acadia” Mission, SLS Unaffordable, and the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return.

Credit Space Race

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