How NASA’s Mars Helicopter Survived A Martian Winter

NASA’s Mars Helicopter

After the Ingenuity Helicopter was deployed on the surface of Mars, NASA began what was expected to be just a month-long demonstration. This has since turned into a multi-year journey testing the small helicopter against much worse conditions than originally planned. This includes the Martian seasons and winter in particular which brings harsh temperatures and weather. When operating a small solar-powered piece of technology on Mars, these conditions affect almost every part of the mission. From dust on the panels to reduced exposure to the sun and even battery conditions, it’s not easy to survive. All of which make Ingeuity’s current condition even more impressive as it continues to fly around the surface. This being said, NASA had to do a lot of problem-solving in order to keep Ingenuity running and survive the winter. Here I will go more in-depth into how

Credit Spacex

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