NASA’s Lunar Gateway Electric Propulsion Developments

NASA’s Lunar Gateway

NASA’s updated plan to return humans to the Moon involves a focus on setting up infrastructure to support these missions such as Gateway. This lunar space station will serve as a multi-purpose outpost orbiting the Moon that provides essential support for long-term human return to the lunar surface and serves as a staging point for deep space exploration.

For the past few years, we have seen consistent work on both the segments of this station and some of its primary components. Just days ago we learned more about Gateway’s electric propulsion system thrusters which are one of a kind and will help control and move the station around. Recent testing by the agency is showing very promising results on innovative technology.

Once complete, these thrusters will check off a significant milestone and make the station one step closer to its first segment launch scheduled for next year. Here I will go more in-depth into this recent development, its significance toward returning humans to the Moon, what to expect in the coming months, and more.

Credit to : TheSpaceBucket

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