New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Breakthrough SHOCKS American Scientists!

Hydrogen Storage as a key Enabling Technology

In this video we will discuss the importance of hydrogen storage as a key enabling technology for the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in various applications. Hydrogen is the most common chemical element, but it cannot be extracted from nature in its pure state, and its extraction process determines whether it is clean and sustainable. The video explores the concept of environmentally friendly hydrogen and why it is gaining traction globally. It also highlights a recent breakthrough by researchers at Deakin University, who have discovered a unique, waste-free approach to isolating, storing, and transferring extremely large volumes of gas, including hydrogen. The new procedure utilizes boron nitride powder to create a solid-state storage system for hydrogen gas. This discovery has the potential to significantly reduce energy costs, improve the processing of many other gases, and pave the way for the development of solid-state storage systems for many gases.
Credit to : Space Matter

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