REALITY IS AN ILLUSION: How To Design Your Dream Life & EXIT THE MATRIX | Donald Hoffman

What creates your Reality

On Today’s Episode:
It’s pretty normal that you think of reality being the world around us, the tangible things you see and interact with. You probably even include and make space for how your emotions influence perception and tie that into what creates your reality.

Donald Hoffman is joining Tom for another mind-bending episode to challenge if we’re actually living in a false reality. Donald Hoffman is a cognitive scientist that has argued against reality and the limitations of spacetime.

Some questions being posed in this episode that will stretch your beyond your limits are:
What is beyond spacetime?
What is the true structure of objective reality?
Is it possible evolution has shaped us in a way that guides our behaviors and therefore how we see objective reality?

His idea of comparing our current reality to that of living in a virtual headset is being taken to the next few levels up and exploring the strategies we use to survive the game of life.
Credit to : Tom Bilyeu

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