SpaceX Has Completed All The Starship FAA Launch Requirements

SpaceX’s Starship

Two days ago the FAA closed the Starship mishap investigation and cited 63 corrective actions the company needed to take before the next Starship launch could be approved. At that point, that was all the information we had received and while many thought that SpaceX had already completed most of these actions, it turns out the company is already done. Specifically, earlier today Elon provided the exact list of every action and congratulated the SpaceX team on completing these different tasks. Some of the required corrective actions included leak prevention and mitigation to adding 90 plus cameras all around the launch vehicle. The fact that this list is complete is big news and suggests the launch could be just weeks away. At this point, all SpaceX needs is a launch license, and with the corrective actions complete, the FAA should be ready to do so. Here I will go more in-depth into this list of corrective actions, the final launch prep, what the flight profile will look like, and more.

Credit AI GRID

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