SpaceX’s Announced Starship Upgrades are Ludicrous and Awesome, and SLIM lunar lander doomed?

Future Space

After a little time to think about all that was said in Elon’s presentation last week, and running over many questions you all had for me, there is actually a lot to dive into. SpaceX’s Announced Starship Upgrades are Ludicrous, and Awesome! (I think everyone would agree with that). A 150 meter tall Starship stack is nearly 30 meters taller than it is right now. Crazy! We have loads today outside Starship with Axiom Mission 3, Starlink Group 7-10 and Group 6-37, Farewell to Astrobotic with this final Update, JAXA’s SLIM lunar landing and power struggle, and finally, the X-59!

Credit Marcus House

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