One Gram Of This Substance Is More Powerful Than A Nuclear Bomb!

Scientific Theories

It is difficult to find a material object or a substance that would excite the consciousness of mankind as much as this one. No wonder! It has so many prizes in “the most” category. Very valuable prizes. For example, this is the most expensive substance that humanity only possesses. The production of one gram of it, according to NASA estimates, would cost 100 trillion dollars! That is 5 times the annual US budget! It is 2.5 trillion times more expensive than gold and 3 trillion times more expensive than black caviar. This substance is the best explosive in the world. In terms of the strength of the explosion, nothing can be compared to it, even theoretically. It is the same as it’s impossible to surpass the speed of light. And it is also the most mysterious substance. So mysterious that if our world was created by God, then the existence of this substance allows us to accuse God of… bias!

Credit Destiny

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