What SpaceX Just Did At Starbase Shock NASA Artemis Team!

What SpaceX Just Did At Starbase

What SpaceX Just Did At Starbase Shock NASA Artemis Team! If the speed of the current fastest Tesla car is 408 kilometers per hour. For Dragon Re-entry Capsule, it is over 27,359 kilometers per hour in orbit. For the changes in Starbase, it might be measured by minutes! It’s not exaggerated in the case that if your house is near Starbase, you fall asleep in only one night, then you wake up, everything seems to be different. This even shocked NASA Artemis Team. Find out in today’s episode of Alpha Tech. The April 20 event to what extent reminds the Nasa team about the similar one which happened last year in Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39B. Remember the Artemis I moon rocket blow out partly the infrastructure of its pad? However, it seems to be luckier than SpaceX’s counterpart because it just tolerates a thrust as half as the thrust of 33 Raptor engines. In addition, the NASA team also has more time to relax between two Artemis missions while still busy with tasks in terms of repair and upgrade. It’s not the same for Elon Musk’s employees who compulsorily run against time to prepare for the upcoming second flight test and Artemis III alike.

Credit Alpha Space

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